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Our Curriculum

The Visual Arts program is a core curriculum providing each student, grades K-5, with a 40 minute art experience. The curriculum is based upon state and national standards (NCCAS) for the Visual Arts. Students may learn through the development of the product, the study of historical and cultural contexts, learning to analyze works of art and the personal response to art. A strong emphasis is placed upon the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. 

The course content and learning experiences offer a variety of materials and applications to the students. Students begin with basic experiences in two-dimensional projects such as color theory, painting, drawing and collage. Three-dimensional experiences such as sculpture and ceramics, are introduced as students mature in their find motor coordination and attention spans. Knowledge of potential art careers is gained as students study Visual Arts. Students are encouraged to develop an appreciation of the Visual Arts through an understanding of the role of the arts as seen through various cultures both past and present. Integration with other subject areas is practiced as students begin to understand the Visual Arts and its importance in our lives.

Our Goals

  • To expose children to creative experiences and allow them to grow through that creativity
  • To encourage children to express themselves through art
  • To assist children to explore, handle and master different materials and tools
  • To encourage students to see historical and cultural connections in Visual Arts in the global community

Hailey Glaze

Art Teacher