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Physical Education

In physical education, each student will be able to demonstrate competency in a wide variety of skills, improve fitness levels, know the benefits and implications of being physically active and develop healthy active lifestyles. By exposing students to a variety of activities, we hope that each child will find an activity they enjoy. Finding enjoyment in physical activities will help our students maintain active lifestyles into and throughout adulthood.

Students can look forward to learning skills such as dribbling, throwing and catching, kicking, striking with implements, locomotor and non-locomotor movement, moving to different rhythms, transferring weight, practicing sportsmanship and cooperation. Units of study include soccer, basketball, archery (4th and 5th grades), dance, baseball, gymnastics, hockey and Fitnessgram fitness assessment. 


To ensure the safety of our students, proper attire is requested on days when students attend P.E. 

Benjamin Adams

P.E. Teacher

Jessica Quintero

P.E. Teacher